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Product Name Datasheets Connection Diagrams Hardware Manuals Leaflets
900 Dual Trip Amplifier
920 Auto Sequencer for two pumps
990 Signal Conditioner
AC Plus. A complete level controller & starter assembly
AC1 & AC1/P Controller for wall & panel mounting
AC5/6 Controller for 2 pumps duty/standby or duty/assist. Auto sequence option /AS
Alarum. Electrode Holder & combined electronics for Alarm
Auto Pump Priming System, APP-C & APP-P
Borehole Electrode E4 and E5
Building Services Alarm
Building Services Alarm
Controller with cable monitoring
DC1/P Controller for 10 to 27 volt DC operation
E13A Multi-Electrode Holder
E14 Multi-Electrode Holder
E23 Multi-Electrode Holder
E23P Pressure tight Multi Electrode Holder
Electrode Brackets
Flexicap FCP
Flexicap FCP/4-20
Flexicap FXL2
Flexilevel 2
Heavy Duty E12
Heavy Duty HPE8
Heavy Duty HPE8/P
Light Duty HPE7
Light Duty HPE7/P
Light Duty HPE7/Pa
Magicap LS1
Magicap LS8
Magiflex System MP & UC1
Medium Duty E22
Miniature E15
MiniSonda Ultrasonic transmitter
Model DM224
P4 Plug in Level Controller for Panel Mounting
P8/IS Intrinsically Safe Conductivity Level Controller
PM1 phase monitor controller
Power Supply Unit PS2
Pressure Transducers & Transmitters

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Flexilevel 2

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P8/IS Intrinsically Safe Conductivity Level Controller

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MiniSonda Ultrasonic transmitter

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