Light Duty HPE7

Vertical Mounting at atmospheric pressure for conducting liquids and chemicals

Manufactured in Polypropylene having Screw Cap, complete with back nut & Stainless Steel Terminating Collar. Softening temperature 120 C. Mounting by 3/4 inch BSP P thread.

Cable entry M20 threaded.

For 8mm diameter electrodes, typically Stainless Steel Type 316L, Hastelloy C, Monel, Titanium.

Where electrodes pass through Steady Brackets PPA Plastic Coated Electrodes should be used. Specify HPE7/1 which allows for increased diameter.

PPA. Plastic is suitable for potable water, WRAS approved.

If specifying electrode length from shoulder above ¾ ‘’ thread add 40mm within Head.

Electrode sold per metre is stocked in 3 metre lengths.

Where longer lengths are required we can provide suitable threads (type 211) and Coupler (type 189/X).

Maximum Shipping length for electrodes 3m.

Steady brackets advisable every 2m if turbulence present.

For UKEX, ATEX and IECEx certified (hazardous area) models (using P8/IS level controller) add suffix /IS.

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