Electrode Brackets

Brackets for E13 Multiholder

Brackets are available to mount all electrode holders.

Brackets can be for 1, 2 or 3 electrode holders. Multiholders always use single holder brackets. Steady electrode brackets are used to prevent any lateral movement of the electrode. These are usually single brackets with insulators to prevent detritus bridging between electrodes in contaminated liquids.
Separators are available for multiholders.

Brackets are manufactured in 304 stainless steel.
Steady brackets in contact with potable water are in 316L stainless steel
Brackets can be customised to specific requirements and in alternative materials

As a guideline for ordering purposes the following holders use the appropriate brackets

Brackets for use with HPE7  Single Electrode Holders

Brackets        Type           Material
    71/SS          single          SS 316
    72/SS          dual            SS 304
    73/SS          triple           SS 304
    75/SS          steady         SS 316

Brackets for use with E14 multi holder

Brackets         Type          Material 
    71/SS          single         SS 316 

Brackets for use with E22 Electrode Holder

Brackets       Type           Material 
    71/SS          single         SS 316 

Brackets for use with Alarum

Brackets       Type           Material 
   71//SS          single         SS 316

Brackets for use with E13 Multi holder

Brackets          Type          Material 
   81/SS           single          SS 316
   218A/SS       steady         SS 316
   214A            separator     PVC

Brackets for use with E23 Multi holder

Brackets           Type          Material 
   85/E23         single          SS 316
   218/E23       steady         SS 316
   214/E23       separator     PVC

Brackets for use with HPE8 Electrode Holders

Bracket           Type            Material
  81/SS             single          SS 316 
  82/SS             dual             SS 304 
  83/SS             triple            SS 304
  85/SS             steady          SS 316



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