Auto Pump Priming System, APP-C & APP-P


Pump Priming System, APP-C & APP-P

The system consists of two parts, a point capacitance level probe which is located in the priming tank and a dedicated electronic controller mounted external to the tank.  The APP system provides a fully automatic smart pump priming system.  Solid state outputs can be used to directly drive a solenoid and clutch, or used as digital inputs for other control and monitoring equipment.  The controller features solenoid anti-splash and sensitivity controls, and the clutch has an automatic resetting 90s timer. The probe operates on a capacitance detection system so works in dirty water as well as contaminated oily liquids.  Designed to operate with a +12VDC negative earth system.

Two versionsare available:

v1 has a user adjustable clutch timer between 0 and 90s

v2 (most common) has a fixed 90s clutch timer with a 0 to 1.5s user adjustable solenoid response timer.

Typical Applications include smart control for: Ground water control systems, flood relief, bund pumping, drainage, emergency service pumps, sewage, tank sediment...

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