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Hawker Electronics have continually improved upon the original conductivity level control principle to provide today the most comprehensive and reliable range of level controllers and associated hardware. Our controllers are unique in their design because of their close switching differential. This allows them to operate in contaminated liquids such as those with the presence of foam, wet rags and sewage.All our controllers employ low voltage AC in the electrode circuit and are available in AC or DC supply voltage supplies. ATEX and IECEx approved equipment is also available.
If you would like to see a video clip about the controller's ability to ignore ragging then follow this link and if you would like to see a video clip about the controller's ability to ignore foam then follow this link
This ability to ignore electrode contamination makes the Hawker controllers operate successfully in heavily contaminated liquids such as Combined Sewer Overflows ( CSOs) sewage and chemical applications

AC5/6 Controller

AC5/6 Controller for 2 pumps duty/standby or duty/assist. Auto sequence option /AS

Dual level controller for wall mounting supplied fitted into an IP55 enclosure. Suitable for duty/standby or duty/assist pump control. Available in two options. AC5/6 with manual toggle switch on enclosure doorfor selecting pump operation. or AC5/6/AS with auto sequencing of pump operation ( with hold provision). Fully adjustable sensitivity between 100 ohms to 18,000 ohms.Volt free contacts for pump operation with LED indication and an alarm contact is also available to indicate second pump operation. Normally supplied fail safe low. Supply voltage 110 or 230v AC.
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AC plus

AC Plus. A complete level controller & starter assembly

Level controller with motor starter equipment for wall mounting. Standard or customer specifiable versions available. All units supplied with a lockable enclosure to the required IP rating. and contains level controller, motor/ pump starter equipment, overloads, fuses, Isolator and optional hand-off-auto switch, pump running/pump tripped lights, alarm indicators, beacons, audible alarms etc as requested. Fully adjustable sensitivity between 100 ohms to 18,000 ohms. Supply voltage as per customers specification.
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SCF2 Controller

Controller with cable monitoring

SCF Single Channel Flood Alarm
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BSA Multiway Alarm

Building Services Alarm

BSA Building Services Alarm for liquids
A 10 Channel alarm unit with cable monitoring and Test Facilities where up to ten alarm points can be monitored.

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