AC1 & AC1/P Controller for wall & panel mounting


Level Control for Conducting Liquids

Level controllers with close switching differential available with two options. AC1 for wall mounting supplied fitted into an IP66 enclosure or the AC1/P for panel mounting. Both units have fully adjustable sensitivity between 100 ohms and 18,000 ohms and a switch selectable fail safe operation. Two sets of volt free changeover contacts with LED for relay operation and also a power on LED. Tropicalised version available for hot, humid atmostpheric conditions. AC2 is comprises an AC1 with a pushbutton for low level borehols applications. AC1 and AC1/P are also available as ACJ and ACJ/P for long distance operation applications beyond 1 kilometer. Supply voltage 110 or 230vAC.


Aqueous solutions such as water, sewage, most acids, milk, beer, etc.

  • Dual electrode operation for control between two levels.
  • Single electrode operation for alarms.
  • Very accurate - Relay switches at the exact tip of the probe.
  • Easily set up and very stable.
  • Fail Safe Switch.
  • Fail Safe High for Pumping In
  • Fail Safe for Pumping Out


Chassis only or wall mounting level controller.

  • Controls between 2 levels, High Level Alarm, Low Level Alarm, Borehole Level Control.
  • Adjustable sensitivity and close switching differential to ignore electrode fouling and save electric power.
  • ATEX Approved (hazardous area) models available (Data Sheet No 329 )
  • A.C. current at the probes to prevent possible electrolytic action between them.
  • Full range of hardware available for easy site operation.



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