Ultrasonic Systems

Ultrasonic Systems

A non-contact system which comprises an Ultrasonic Transducer which contains a crystal and associated electronic circuitry. The crystal is activated electrically to produce an ultrasonic sound wave or pulse, which is focused on the liquid whose depth is to be measured. The ultrasonic pulse is reflected back to the transducer, and the time for transmission and return, corrected for temperature variation, is a function of depth. Bursts of pulses are transmitted at frequent intervals. Spurious pulses outside a "Dynamic Window" based on the transducer frequency, are rejected and the average taken of the remainder. This is converted into a 4/20mA signal, proportional to the depth or distance from the transducer, whichever is selected. The 4/20mA signal may be passed to a PLC, Digital/Analogue meter, or to the "Flexilevel" controller.

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