Pump Control plus High Alarm - Emptying

Control of 1 pump and 1 high level alarm at levels fixed by electrode lengths using dual controller type AC3/LH

Using a fixed probe system means there are no moving parts to jam or go wrong.

Cut the electrodes at the point where you want something to happen
If there is any insulation on the electrodes strip back about 50 mm ( 2 inches) and expose the bare metal underneath.
Ensure you have an earth return. This can be the metal tank or the submersed pump or another electrode. If using an earth electrode it must always be the longest electrode in the tank. But it only needs to be slightly longer than the next electrode.
The best position is to place the earth electrode is in the middle of the collection of the electrodes to improve performance.
Remember to use the Hawker level controller which is the brains to make a repeatable reliable system.It is designed to ignore electrode contamination.
If you would like to see a video clip about the controller's ability to ignore ragging then follow this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63z8LmPD4ks and if you would like to see a video clip about the controller's ability to ignore foam then follow this link

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